Termite Control in Burlington, Mt. Pleasant, Wapello, Southeast IA & the Quad Cities

Termites cost U.S. Homeowners $5 billion in damages every year. Learning termite basics is the first step to protecting your home. Then it’s time to call a professional.

What to look for:

  • Mud tubes: The easiest sign to detect. These pencil-width paths lead from the colony to your home. Check the surrounding land, outer foundation wall, and the crawlspace/basement.
  • Swarms: Reproductive termites will swarm primarily between spring and early summer depending on location. Check for this type of termite and the wings they shed. Shed wings can often be found near windowsills, as winged termites are attracted to light. Swarming termites can often be mistaken for ant swarms. If not sure, call C-Cat Inc. today and we will gladly identify at no charge.
  • Conducive Conditions: Termites are attracted to certain conditions that help assist their development. Look for wood in direct contact with soil, and high moisture in and around your home. Correct these conditions to help prevent termite entry into your home.
  • Weakened wood: Long thin cracks and sagging can mean wood has been hollowed out by termites

Calling a professional for an assessment of your home or commercial building is the best way to protect your investment. Call C-Cat Inc. today, for a free termite inspection.


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