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Cockroach Control

There are several species of nuisance cockroaches in Iowa and Illinois. The main 3 that are structurally invading pests are the Oriental, German, and American roach.

German Roach- This species of roach is very closely associated with human activity. German cockroaches prefer to live in areas of the kitchen and bathroom where there are sources of food and water. Easy to identify markings on the German Cockroach are the two dark parallel stripes running down the pronotum (head). At C-Cat inc. our multi-faceted program is designed to completely eliminate these pests from your home, not just reduce their numbers.

American Roach- This is a very large species of roach and can grow to be up to 1.5 inches long. This roach prefers warm and moist areas like boiler rooms, furnace areas, crawl spaces, and sewer systems. If you are having a problem with this species, C-Cat’s trained technicians will identify their breeding areas and eliminate them at the source.

Oriental Roach- Another large roach species, this roach is very dark in color and the adult grows to about 1 inch long. Sometimes called “waterbugs,” Oriental roaches are found outdoors but can also establish large breeding populations in basements, crawlspaces, and other areas with moisture. Call C-Cat today to eliminate any of these roach species from your home or business. If you have a roach, but are not sure what species it is, we are happy to come out and identify it for you at no charge!

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