Solar Imput House Inspections

Solar Imput

For All of Your Home Inspection Needs in Burlington, Mt. Pleasant, Wapello, Southeast IA & the Quad Cities

We are proud supporters of our friends at Solar Imput. Solar Imput can provide a full home inspection and inform you of any problem areas or potential issues the property in question may have. They will provide pictures of the issues to make sure you have leverage for recent home purchases or potential purchases.

The process take approximately four hours, and you won't even know they are there. The experts at Solar Imput are friendly and courteous, so they will exercise caution and discretion as they inspect your property. They also provide Radon testing services. When you need a home or property inspection, make sure you're covered with Solar Imput.

Radon Measuring and Mitigation

Solar Imput provides Radon Measuring services for homeowners who wish to test their homes for the presence of radon gases. In the event that radon gases are found, Solar Imput will work with the homeowner to create a radon mitigation plan to reduce the levels in the home.